Friday, December 09, 2005

That is Not Correct

Since Day 1 we watched Pinoy Big Brother with much gusto. We as a family are very much hooked in watching the daily happenings. Having away from the Philippines for so long, we found watching TFC and specifically Big brother as something that connect us to our born country.

But then, the episode where Big Brother asked the housemates to cut/destroy Uma's pants made us feel negative about the show. Even though it was only a task that meant to test one's allegiance/faith to someone, it was not still correct to destroy something. Our Filipino value dictates that we should respect other people's property. If the people behind this show felt that it was a cool test/measure for the housemates to know how much they trust Big Brother, we felt differently. Big Brother is NOT GOD.

We are happy that the housemates showed the values they learnt from their parents. We are glad that there is still hope for the Philippines. The youth of today have no blind allegiance. They are vocal in stating their disagreement on something that is not correct. Though last night, the episode showed that the housemates said SORRY, still we felt that it was done only for the show. We felt that deep in their hearts, the Big Four were still holding on the correctness of their decision to disobey Big Brother.

We are proud of the Filipino youth.


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